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How To Make A Guy Fall In Love?
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How To Flirt With A Guy
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The single most question women ask me is how to flirt with a guy so that he will be attracted to me but not think I am cheap or too easy to get!

It is proven that women who master the art of flirting with a guy the right way are the ones who are more successful when dating than any other woman. Flirting can be fun - even if it doesn't lead to anything but that short moment of the flirt.
If you know how to flirt with a man the right way then you are in full control and you will be able to direct the conversation or relationship in any direction you want.

Why Is It So Difficult?

Successfully flirting with men is more complicated than it may first appear to be.Indeed - flirting is an art. If you don't give certain signals in certain moments you will lose an opportunity to meet and get to know a great guy. If you flirt too hard the guy will almost certainly be turned off because you come across as cheap or slutty. You don't want that. Playing hard to get on the other had can push away men who don't have the self-confidence to pursue a woman who does not give them attention. The art is to keep the flirting at a certain level which is actually a pretty thin line. But walking that line can be fun for both of you.

The successful flirter takes two steps forward and one step back. It is extremely important to incorporate touching of some kind into the flirting process.

Starting The Flirt

If the guy is the one who starts the flirt (let's say you are at a coffee shop and a guy on the other table gives you a flirty look) you should not instantly respond with a flirting gesture of your own! Instead, wait a moment to tease him and keep him waiting if you respond positively or not.

Then after a few seconds respond by giving him a short smile. After that look away for a moment before you continue - don't move too fast. The only exception to this is if you are in a situation where your time is limited by something you can't control (like you are in a car and the lights switch to green).

If you are the one making the first move make sure you establish eye contact first. Flirting is all about eye contact! Then smile at him and look at him a little longer than you normally would in a regular conversation. This small delay is the fine line between politeness and a flirt.

How To Continue

Flirting is a ping-pong game. Both need to be involved. If the guy doesn't react in any way don't keep pushing. This would make you look needy. You need to get him to react with another flirty move in order for you to continue. Depending on how confident the guy is you either need to encourage him by provoking him just a little or tease and wait for him to continue.
When they ask you for personal information, play coy. Do not let the conversation become a back and forth series of questions and do not rush to agree or acknowledge similarities that are not that coincidental.

If the man you are flirting with is there with other people, allow him to return at some point. He will speak with his guy friends about you and this will give him more confidence to move the flirtation forward.

Remember that you cannot control his own abilities, but you can make him comfortable if he needs more confidence or you can make it more of a challenge if he is a natural. And always remember what is most important to put on display: your personality.

How To Create a Situation For A Flirt

Let's work on examples of how to approach a guy you want to flirt with: First, always give them the opportunity to make the first move. Walk towards them in the bar and give them eye contact. Lean nearby or reach across them to pickup a napkin or a drink.

If they don't take the bait, ask them a question that invites a longer response. Do not use classic pick up lines like, 'do you come here often?' or 'My name is so-and-so, what's yours?' Instead, ask them a question that throws them off guard and makes you look like an interesting person.

Tell them you have a friend in town and you need to know the best place for sushi or bowling. Ask them if you can guess their profession based only on their work clothes. Or tell them you are really good with names and you can tell from their looks that they are named Tom or whatever you guess.

Mastering the Art Of Flirting With Guys

Depending on location and social context different flirting approaches may be suitable. When it comes to learning how to flirt with a guy there is one source I can definitely recommend:

It is called Secrets of Flirting by Mimmi Tanner.

She covers all the little (and big) tricks you can
use when flirtingwith guys... :-)

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